About Southern Exposure Tours

Our tours allow you to take in the best of each location that we visit, whether it's discovering the hidden gems, meeting the local people or tasting the regional cuisine. We take care of the little details that can be a bit of a hassle when traveling.


About Our Tours

*All our tours are non-smoking.

We have designed our tours with your exceptional travel experience in mind.  To ensure we run the best trip possible we have implemented a 12 to 14 person maximum. While there are always some included activities in the tours, they are also conducted in a way that allows free time to pursue your own interests and have a bit of space. We liken our tours to feeling like you’re travelling with a bunch of friends, rather than being on a group tour. You won’t be herded from museum to museum, or barraged with hundreds of facts and figures. But you will learn about fascinating ancient cultures, people and wildlife in a relaxed, authentic and informal way. Just like a true holiday should be. 

Travelling in a small group adventure with like minded people is a rewarding experience and great friendships are formed. We have several different unique adventures catering to all levels of fitness.

Founder Nicholas White and owner Silvana Gottini have both lived and worked in South and Central America. Collectively they've gained over 30 years of experience, both as independent travellers and adventure tour leaders and have successfully led small group adventures through various countries in the most testing of conditions. This knowledge and experience ensures you’ll be in the most capable hands from start to finish.

Our unique adventure and cultural tours have been designed from first hand experience, passion, and respect for the areas we operate in. Our tours involve a handpicked, dedicated team of local guides, porters, cooks and people who help out along the way. 

Galapagos Islands Tours

Why Travel with SET? SET is the leader in Galapagos tours, offering both active land based adventures and live aboard cruises in the Galapagos Islands. Surrounded by approachable wildlife, red orange sunsets, and the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Galapagos National Park, an adventure to the enchanted islands will paint your memory for years to come. Playful sea lion encounters, a walk through an ancient lava tunnel, and a hike to one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world are all included. Join us on a Galapagos Island hopping, land-based adventure or live aboard cruise, to one of the most amazing places on the planet.

15 Years of Galapagos Adventure Experience

SET and our Galapagos Kiwi partner, have grown to become the premier land based tour operator in the Galapagos Islands. Founded by Kiwis, we started back in 2004 to meet the demand for adventurous land tours in the Galapagos and our motto was simple: Galapagos Adventure. Kiwi Spirit. 

Today, we are a respected Galapagos business, with all of our tours supporting the local economy. We are passionate about the Galapagos Islands and sharing it with each and every traveler that joins a tour. Our head office is based on San Cristobal Island, we're not a big international company; we're the local Galapagos experts. We live, play, and work here every day because we believe it is one of the best places on earth.

While we have travellers who have joined us for many Galapagos adventures, we do understand it is usually a special trip of a lifetime when people travel with us. We're excited to have you join us and we love to hear what made you choose to visit the Galapagos. We've learned that everyone has an interesting story! Perhaps you can tell us your story over freshly brewed Galapagos coffee at our office one morning.

Maybe we are slightly obsessed with the Galapagos, but we think that you'll understand once you visit! 

Being a green tour company has always been at the heart of what we do, meaning that we're always conscious of the ecological impact of our operations, as well as those of our local business partners. We work closely with everyone involved in our operations to ensure our impact on the Galapagos environment is minimised. This philosophy extends beyond our office to the restaurants you eat at, the hotels you stay at, the farms you visit, and the boats you ride in.

This passion we have for the Galapagos can also be seen with all of our local support staff and amazing guides. We truly believe our guides are the best! They've all been part of our team for many years and have such a huge knowledge of the wildlife and history of the islands. We've seen many of them raise their families in the Galapagos and we consider them all to be part of our family as well.

Yes, we've grown over the years, but the heart of our company remains the same: to offer people an affordable and quality land based adventure to one the most amazing places on the planet.