New Tours and fantastic combinations

With 2018 looking to be a fantastic year, we thought we would add a few more tours to our portfolio, and even combine some of them to ensure you get the most out of your trip overseas. 


Tourism in Croatia is on the up, and with the country having 8 areas that have been designated National parks and some stunning scenery, it is definitely a place to visit this year! We have 3 new Croatia tours, but thought that the Walking and food in Dalmatia would be the one to show case and match it up with our Tranzalpine - Swiss, Austrian and Italian Alps tour. These 2 tours are all about the food, wine and great produce, whilst taking in some amazing walks and hikes along the way! 
The combination tour will start on the 1st June and will finish on the 30th June.

Ever though of Island hopping in Greece? Well now you can and you can also extend your trip and match it with one of our other great tours. Choose from either the Amalfi Coast, Crete or even our Spain Walking and food tour for the complete hiking and Culinary experience. 

Food Dessert at Fallen Angel

South America

We have some great options here too, with the Culture and Nature of Columbia being our new must do tour. With Columbia having opened up and become a lot more accessible and safe, it is a great destination to explore. This trip highlights its vibrant cities, National parks and of course its coffee, whist taking in its diverse geography where you will see a mixture of glaciers, cloud forest, humid jungle, savannahs, desert and a beautiful coastline among others.  If this sounds like you then combine this with Purely Peru and you will have the perfect cultural experience! Our Peru tour explores this country of contrasts and allows ample time for unhurried acclimatisation. Visit local communities where we support and see the real side of life in this amazing country. Tour starts 23 May and finishes 22 June 2017

Another couple of our new tours for this year, which also work really well as a pair, are our Peru Culinary Wonders and Bolivian Food and Farm tour. These two tours are all about following the produce from the fields to the plate with the farm tour, whilst mixing with the locals and then following this to some of Peru's best restaurants and cooking schools.

Our Peru Culinary Wonders tour runs from the 5th July to the 12th and then The Bolivia tour runs from 15th July to the 26th, so they work perfectly together with a few days in between. Why not have a couple of days exploring Puno and the floating islands Lake Titicaca, on your way to La Paz. We're really excited about this combination, being Foodies ourselves and loving all the weird and wonderful Andean treats. Not to mention that Peru is becoming South America's hottest new food destination with world class fusion cuisine. 

 Food steak in Buenso Aires



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