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South Africa Visa Essentials

Changes which came into effect on 16th January 2017, which means that all Kiwis now need a three-month holiday visa to visit South Africa, ending a 20-year visa-free travel arrangement between the two countries. 

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12 Top Packing Tips

Learn how to make every inch count and streamline your packing approach. From the life changing use of packing cells (especially for fast paced trips), which will stop your unpacked items from exploding all over your room. To how to make the most of space, read on. 

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Travel vaccinations, health and visas

A couple of big questions we always get asked as travel agents is Do we need vaccinations and Do we need a visa? We have put this together to help answer those questions for you as simply as we can and to show you where to go if you need some more information. Happy travels!

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How to have an authentic experience in Morocco

With such a diverse range of experiences on offer guaranteed to exceed every expectation you may possibly have, with a thriving tourism industry to match, ensuring you have an authentic Moroccan experience can be a little tricky. That’s why we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to ensure your trip to the amazing destination of Morocco is even more enjoyable.

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