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Tajine Morocco

An authentic experience of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is indeed majestic. Placed a the Western tip of North Africa. Hugged by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.…

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Dancing Sands Distillery In Takaka

Dancing Sands Distillery in Takaka

During our journey around the Top of the South, one place we visited (and will visit many times again) is the Dancing Sands Distillery in…

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Mounts Fitzroy, Argentina

What’s it like at high altitude?

What is high altitude? High altitude is considered 1524m to 3505m above sea level. From there up to 5486 metres is very high, and anything…

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Spanish Paella

Interesting things to do and see in Spain

Below is a list of some of the interesting things to do and see in Spain: Sherry (or Jerez) tastings - Sherry originated in Spain…

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Day Of The Dead

Day of the Dead Festival

If you want to celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico, there are some fundamentals you’ll need to know. The first – and possibly most…

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Must do food festivals from around the world

Even the most seasoned traveller may not have ticked off all these delicious must do food festivals from around the world from their bucket list.…

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Tikal Mayan Site, Guatemala

Tikal: one of the many reasons to visit Guatemala

Located in the northern rainforests of Guatemala, is one of the largest Mayan excavated archaeological sites ever discovered - and that site is Tikal, the…

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5 essentials to pack for Peru

Peru is the pounding heart of South America. It’s an ancient land interwoven with a rich culture, vibrant soul and a diverse ecosystem, culminating in…

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