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Peruvian Chocolate, Peru

Food and drinks to try in Peru

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu, amazing sights, a unique culture, and food! That’s right, Peru offers some incredibly unique cuisine that every visitor simply must try! From Alpaca to tangy cocktails, there are plenty of new food and drinks…

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Coffee Plantation, Colombia

The top Colombian Highlights

Colombia is South America’s new travel hot spot. Tourism in the country is exploding and this once very dangerous country is now safer than ever! For many, the rush to visit the Colombian Highlights, an untouched paradise, is on, and…

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Guanaco, Chile

The ultimate Patagonia Bucket list

A trip to Patagonia promises to be one like no other. But, knowing what to do and where to spend your time can be a bit overwhelming. So, we have selected several top experiences in Patagonia to help make your…

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Andes Reflections

Five stunning destinations in Argentina

Argentina is one of the most breathtaking countries in South America. Known for its dance, food, wine, landscapes, and stunning architecture, it is the perfect destination to visit when you want to see it all! From the Southern parts of…

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