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Tikal: One of the many reasons to visit Guatemala

The ancient city of Tikal is home to thousands of buildings that cover 222 square miles, however, only very few have been excavated. That being said, the ones that have include many of the most important temples and the entire main plaza.

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Why every traveller needs to go to Cuba!

Every now and then you visit a country so unique, filled with so much culture and authenticity, that the memories from travelling remain with you forever. It’s a place that is not only home to its own stunning landscapes, but people and a culture so different from anywhere else that you are wowed just to be within its borders. Cuba is just that.

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12 Top Packing Tips

Learn how to make every inch count and streamline your packing approach. From the life changing use of packing cells (especially for fast paced trips), which will stop your unpacked items from exploding all over your room. To how to make the most of space, read on. 

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Travel vaccinations, health and visas

A couple of big questions we always get asked as travel agents is Do we need vaccinations and Do we need a visa? We have put this together to help answer those questions for you as simply as we can and to show you where to go if you need some more information. Happy travels!

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