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Foodie hotspots for 2020!

The world is getting much smaller with far flung countries becoming more and more accessible. With our tastebuds becoming more diverse, many of us are now travelling to fulfil all our senses. So if you are a foodie or just looking to experience some of the great flavours of the world, we will let you know some of the best foodie hotspots and best places to eat for 2020!

Chocolate Foodie hotspot

Below are our top picks:


Argentine Steak

Patagonia, not really a destination thought of when we think food and wine, its more glaciers, national parks and gauchos! In Argentina and Chile, the Patagonian Cuisine is almost as popular as its treks and is a significant trademark of its culture!

Meat is a staple part of any gaucho (Cowboy’s) diet. You will find some amazing dishes which showcases some of the best meats and spices you will find in South America.

Beef Asado is a traditional Argentine barbecue and Parrillada, an Argentine mixed grill will usually include mutton, lamb, beef, goat, and pork. This is typically grilled long and slow over an open file for around 6-8 hours, while being basted with a delicious herb mix called Chimichurri. It is definitely worth the wait!

Any trip to Argentina would not be complete without a visit to at least one of the many vineyards on offer to sample some the robust reds and fruity whites they have on offer. 

If this sounds like you and would love to mix a bit of trekking some of the worlds best Glaciers and national parks and some great food and wines, then try our Patagonia Highlights Tour. Click here to find out more.

Italian Coastline and Countryside

Italian cuisine

When travelling along the Amalfi Coast, it is all about the amazing views and the food!! Whether it is deciding where or what to eat, you will always be happy with whats on offer. In Italy, the day is usually planned out around food. A short but sweet breakfast. This is then followed by a nice lengthy Pranzo (lunch) around 2pm (Lunch is the main meal of the day).  Then Aperativo’s (drinks and snacks) around 6ish, followed by Cena (dinner) around 8.30pm.

Now depending on where you are on the coast, will decide what you eat, each area has its own delicacies. There are loads of Foodie hotspots, but here are a few to get your tastebuds going!

  • Naples is a great place for Pizza, as well as spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) to name a couple.
  • Capri is famous for its light insalata caprese (mozzarella, tomato and basil salad) and calorific torta caprese (almond and chocolate cake). A great little Liquor to wash it down with is limoncello and sold everywhere (lemon liqueur).
  • Cetara, here you can  savour Italy’s best anchovies with spaghetti con alici e finocchietto selvatico (spaghetti with anchovies and wild fennel) . Yum!

Greek Islands

Greek Island foodie hotspot

I think it’s correct to say everyone dreams of sailing around the Greek Islands and splashing in the blue Adriatic sea. Well, with our Greek Islands Walking and Food tour, this can become a reality. We focus on visiting a few of the Islands, taking in some great walks and sampling some of the best local Greek cuisine we can find. Here are a few of the culinary wonders Greece has to offer…

One of the Islands we visit is Paros. Here they specialise in Gouna, a salted sundried fish that has a beautiful texture and flavour. Combine it with wild greens for a traditional local flavour. Octopus is another favourite and is caught fresh everyday. It can be seen hanging from the lines outside of local tavernas. Popular during the summer months as the fishermen head to the seas and use traditional spear fishing techniques to catch the octopus, tenderise the meat, hang them out to dry and serve them up fresh off the grill! Oh wow!

Athens is another great foodie destination with lots of Greek restaurants offering some of the tradition favourites like:

  • Courgette Balls (kolokithokeftedes)
  • Stuffed Vine leaves (Dolmades)
  • Greek Coffee (Ellinikos) or Gyros.

This is just a few of the many culinary wonders we sample while on a walking food tour in the back streets of Athens. 

Click here for information on our Greek Island Walking & Food Tour


These are just a few of our Foodie hotspots, of course there are many more. If you are interested in other areas of the world, contact us and we can let you know what else we have to offer!

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