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Interesting things to do and see in Spain

Below is a list of some of the interesting things to do and see in Spain:

  • Sherry (or Jerez) tastings – Sherry originated in Spain
  • Eat Tapas – go from bar to bar, trying tapas as you go
  • See Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona
  • Take a cooking class to learn some authentic Spanish recipes
  • See a flamenco show
  • La Tomatina, Bunol (Valencia) – a tomato throwing festival held annually in August.
  • Eat Paella in Valancia – the original birth place of Paella
  • See the stunning Andelusian Horses
  • Visit the Alhambra – located in Granada, this was built in the 13th Century as a fortress

Plus much, much, much more ….


Want to sample the dishes that best represent this healthy way of life? Then Spain should be on your to-visit list, as there you will find:

  • seafood of all kinds from salt-cod to clams, succulent baked, grilled and steamed fish recipes – it’s a mark of the esteem in which fish and seafood is held in Spain that typical Christmas dishes include razor clams, tiger prawn, oysters and bream (roasted in the oven with slivers of lemon, red peppers, and a dose of olive oil)
  • extra-virgin olive oil that is the basic fat in almost the entire country, for cooking as well as for garnishing, and in which Spain is the world’s leading producer


Tapas is a big part of Spanish culture and one of the joys of visiting Spain. The variety seems to be endless, but what is it exactly?

It’s small appetisers or side dishes served with drinks. Many establishments in Andalucia will give you a free tapa with your drink. But the best way to order them is to share a range of tapas, around 3 to 4 per person. Then you get to taste a bigger variety of these delicious morsels!

Some of our personal favourites are:
  • ham croquettes
  • salmorejo
  • garlic prawns 
  • spanish omelette

Experience them for yourself on our Spain Walking & Food Tour 

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