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Wildlife in Mexico: Animals to see on your trip

When you think about Mexico, what comes to mind? It is tacos, stunning beaches, or maybe even tequila and margaritas! But what about the wildlife in Mexico? That’s right, Mexico is home to some very unique and incredibly interesting animals.

Most people don’t realise that a trip to Mexico can involve some very unique encounters with wildlife. From an array of colourful birds to the largest cat in the America’s, Mexico is the perfect travel destination for wildlife lovers.

What exactly can you expect in Mexico in terms of wildlife? Well, let us tell you about some of the amazing creatures you can have the opportunity to see (or swim with!) in Mexico.


Jaguar, Wildlife in Mexico

Jaguars are large wild cats that look similar to Leopards but actually resemble Tigers behaviour wise. They only live in the America’s and typically are found in dense rainforest. They are impressive swimmers and often stalk their prey before pouncing. Their bite has more force than a Lion and they can grow to be up to 6.5 ft (1.2 to 1.95 m) in length!

Over 2,000 Jaguars are said to live in Mexico with almost half of that number calling the Yucatan Peninsula home. Over the last few years Mexico has been making some serious strides in conservation efforts with millions of hectares being declared protected areas all over the country, especially in the state of Quintana Roo.

Because of the increase in numbers of this once almost extinct species, you might be lucky enough to see a Jaguar (or two) while you’re in Mexico. Of course, seeing one on your own is highly unlikely. The best chance you’ll have at spotting these majestic cats is going on a tour or spending a night or two at a dedicated “Jaguar Camp.” Professionals will be needed to help you find a Jaguar in the wild as these guys are quick and sneaky, making them hard to spot.

Our 10 Day Wildlife Adventure Mexico tour includes a night at a designated Jaguar Camp. Here, you’ll have the chance to see real Jaguars in the wild as well as the other species we are about to mention!

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles, wildlife in Mexico

Sea Turtles are a magnificent animal you simply must see while in Mexico! And the best part is that you will likely get to swim with them in the ocean! There are many turtles around and they aren’t afraid of people so if you go to the right places, you’ll swim right next to them for sure.

Akumal Beach near Tulum is one of the best beaches to swim with Sea Turtles in the wild in Mexico. Many Sea Turtles live and hang out around this public beach. Just grab a snorkel and you’ll spot them in no time! Just be sure to respect their space and don’t feed or touch the turtles, you are in their home!

Boa Constrictors

Boa Constrictors

Sure, you might think you don’t want to see snakes while in Mexico but Boa Constrictors are very cool! They can get up to 13 ft long (though usually closer to 6.5-10 feet) and weigh 100 lbs – they are big snakes! These guys aren’t typically dangerous to humans though as they aren’t venomous and generally eat small mammals like rats and squirrels. Boas are famous for their way of killing their prey which involves using the force from their body to strangle or squeeze the prey to death before eating them whole!

You won’t likely run into a Boa Constrictor by accident in Mexico. First of all, these guys hang out in the jungle, far away from civilisation. Secondly, they can be hard to spot as they hang up in trees and are camouflaged very well. If you do want to find a Boa in the wild, your best chances are with a guide on a wildlife tour in Mexico.


Crocodiles, Mexico

Crocodiles are another rather “scary” animal in Mexico that you wouldn’t want to run into unexpectedly. However, from the safety of a boat on a tour they are safe to see and a very impressive creature.

There are a few different species of Crocodiles in Mexico with the most popular being the American Saltwater Crocodile. These guys can get up to 6m in length and weigh in at over 900 kgs! They resemble dinosaurs and have a prehistoric look to them with leathery skin and spikes along their backs and tails.

Your best chance at seeing of Crocodiles in Mexican wild would be on a trip to Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. Here you will get to take photos and see not only crocodiles, but also flamingos and plenty of different birds!

Flamingos, Mexico

Of course, these animals are only a couple of the many different animals you’ll have the chance to spot in Mexico. For bird lovers, Mexico is a paradise with over 1,000 different bird species around! For those who like the ocean and scuba dive you’ll see plenty of fish, whales, and even dolphins!

To see as many animals as possible in one trip consider joining our 10-day Wildlife Adventure Mexico tour. You’ll have the chance to spot all of the animals listed above and many, many more!

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