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Five Countries any Foodie will love

Not only is trying new food enjoyable while travelling, but it’s also essential to discover a country’s culture. Food is a reflection of culture and by eating your way through a country you will have a better understanding of the people and their lifestyle.

These are just a couple of the reasons “foodies” (people who take a particular interest in food) love to travel.

Not all countries are created equal when it comes to food. Certain places have become so famous for their food that people travel from far and wide just to eat all of their specialties! Many countries around the world are recognised for their food. There are 5 in particular, that stand out from the rest. These countries offer a wide variety of amazing dishes to try, a unique food culture, and have so much to offer that you can actually base an entire trip around the food.

Below are Five countries any foodie will love from around the world and the best way to experience them is on a small group tour!

  1. Greece

Chances are you have eaten Greek food before. Greek food is so widely loved that Greek restaurants are available in most cities around the world. But eating food in Greece is a unique experience and will challenge your favourite Greek restaurant back home. Expect rooftop bars, dancing and singing (Opa!)

Some of the most popular dishes to eat in Greece include:

  • Moussaka, a pasta-free lasagne made with eggplant and minced beef
  • Spanakopita, a filo pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese
  • Gyro, sliced meat wrapped in a pita with toppings
  • Souvlaki, traditional meat skewers.

There are so many more dishes to try, many including various types of cheese, olives, tzatziki, and mixtures of flavours bound to make your mouth water.

If a trip around Greece sounds like the ultimate foodie adventure, check out our Greek Islands Walking & Food Tour.

Naxos Seafood Dish, Greek Islands

  1. Peru

Peru is a country that’s famous for vibrant cocktails, seafood, and hearty meat-based dishes. One of the great things about travelling in Peru is that you’ll get the chance to try many new dishes that you’ve never even heard of before, such as Cuy (Guinea Pig which is a Peruvian speciality) or Chicha (a drink made from corn.) But, you’ll also have the chance to sample the internationally famous Pisco Sour cocktail and Ceviche!

The variety of food in Peru is so wide – you’ll surely be impressed!

Our Peru Culinary Wonders tour showcases all the best that Peru has to offer (in terms of food and otherwise!)

Ceviche, Peru

  1. Argentina

Argentina is famous for two very indulgent things – steak and wine. Argentine steaks are some of the best in the world and their world-class red wines are the perfect compliment. When visiting Argentina you’re guaranteed to eat your fair share of steaks and sample as much wine as your heart desires! Going on wine sampling tours in scenic vineyards is a must as well as enjoying tango performances on a night out with a meal.

For wine lovers, our North Argentina Food & Wine Tour would be perfect!

Mendoza Winery

  1. Spain

Spain is another country where food is such a large part of their culture. In Spain, going out for a meal is so much more than just food. It’s about a vibrant environment, conversation with friends, tasty drinks, and an entire experience as a whole. Groups of friends often go from restaurant to restaurant, drinking wine and eating different tapas (small plates of finger-food items to be shared.)

While in Spain expect to eat your biggest meal for lunch. After lunch, it’s time for a siesta or afternoon rest, before continuing to eat more throughout the day and well into the night! People in Spain love to eat so while you’re visiting, one thing’s for sure, there will be no shortage of food!

For foodies interested in a trip to Spain, our Spain Walking & Food tour would be a great choice!

Spanish Paella

  1. Vietnam

No list of the top “foodie” countries in the world would be complete without an Asian country. Therefore our last choice for “Five countries any foodie will love” is Vietnam. Vietnam is the ideal place for foodies as there is a ton of different dishes featuring explosive flavours.

Some of the best food in Vietnam is found on the streets or at small locally owned restaurants. These places feature fresh ingredients made by families where tradition and recipes passed down from generations rule the kitchen. The food is tasty and it’s cheap. These street-side restaurants are the perfect places to dine (if you can manage to get comfortable in the tiny plastic chairs that is!) independently, or on a walking night street food safari to help you decipher the weird from the wonderful!

Let us show you the best of Vietnamese cuisine on our Saigon to Hanoi Food & Cycle Tour!

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

We hope you agree that these are Five countries any foodie will love!

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