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12 Top Packing Tips

Whether you're going home for the holidays or on your dream vacation, there is travel—and thus the ever-daunting task of packing. Because every last inch of suitcase real estate counts, and you don't want to wrinkle your sweaters, break a…

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Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza – World wonder worth the hype

Visiting the 7 Wonders of the World are bucket list things to do for many people. The 7 Wonders are famous for being some of the most impressive and historically significant structures in the entire world - and Chichen Itza…

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Havana Classic Cars, Cuba

Why every traveller needs to go to Cuba

Every now and then you visit a country so unique, filled with so much culture and authenticity, that the memories from travelling remain with you forever. It’s a place that is not only home to its own stunning landscapes, but…

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Mexican Grilled Pineapple And Port Burrito

Five Countries any Foodie will love

Not only is trying new food enjoyable while travelling, but it's also essential to discover a country’s culture. Food is a reflection of culture and by eating your way through a country you will have a better understanding of the…

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Machu Picchu

5 tips to help you take amazing photos

Who doesn’t want to have incredible photos to show their friends and family after a trip? Taking beautiful pictures during your travels is the perfect way to show to others the amazing things you did and the places you saw.…

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